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How does the Show Home Promotion work?

We are renewing the promotional material for our damp protection wall coatings partner. Their new collection needs to be shown in online catalogue and in other promotional material. In other words, our partner requires pictures of the new range in real homes. All sorts of shapes and sizes of home are required for the pictures to go in our catalogue.

We are looking for model homes of each range and different shapes. Our partnered wallcoating specialist marketing department has set up different quantities per range per post code. The marketing team will take pictures of Before and After to showcase in most promotional material. There may also be a requirement to make videos and time-lapse videos, including, to give a video testimonial, although this may not be necessary.

In exchange, you will receive a brand new damp protection wall coating for your home, fitted to your style for a portion of the price.

All the work is done according to all the necessary accreditations to work safety. You will receive all the guarantees of workmanship on your new damp protection wall coating.

How do I know if I qualify?

Typically wall coating discount offers qualify to most homeowners in the UK.

The qualification criteria are as simple as follows:

  • Are you a Homeowner?
  • Are you employed, self-employed or retired?
  • Does your home qualify for the installation discount?
  • Affordability. We must ensure you understand that the damp protection
    wall coating is not free.

It really is that simple! Start the process now, it only takes 30 seconds.  Our partner will contact you and will give you further details on how you can benefit from using your home as a Show Home for damp protection wall coating.  They will let you know if you qualify for a discount on your new home.

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Why offer a discount on new damp protection wall coating?

It is really quite simple, we have partnered up with a specialist wallcoating company in Wales.  The company is accredited with the damp proofing wallcoating process and has over 25 years experience.

As we specialise in the marketing side, the wallcoating company specialises in finding a suitable solution against dampness.  By working together, we are able to reduce the costs of servicing and damp proofing homes in Wales.  

This saving is passed to you.  In fact, experience have shown that pictures of damp proofing work in real homes in most promotional material have a higher conversion rate than studio pictures. In essence, using pictures of your home in catalogues increases sales volume.  This benefits us and our partner.  We are then able to find new clients at a lower marketing cost.

We therefore need picture of homes with new damp protection wall coating in real homes, and in exchange our specialist wallcoating partner will give you a discount for your new wall coating

This all means the average cost of the new look for your home can be greatly reduced.

We need to renew the pictures of work done on real homes, for our online promotions.  We also need new types of photos and videos for our online catalogues and promotions.  These pictures are from work done by our wallcoating specialist partner in Wales.

The renewed popularity of online promotion has made it essential that we have photos that meet the digital requirements. In essence, we are redoing photoshoots of some of our previous range, but to a digital promotion quality. Technology now makes it possible to animate the progress of the transformation of your home.

We are living in really exciting times in terms of technological advances, but that means that we need to renew our damp protection wall coating range photos and how they are taken.

Examples of Wall coating Projects

How it Works

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3. Meet your wall coating specialist

4. Find out savings amount

 5. Choose and arrange installation

6. Sit back & relax

A new wall coating is a great investment

The wall specialist team covered my walls in wall coating and the end result is perfect! My house looks brand new and there are no more problems with damp. The wall coating acts as a seal keeping my house warm and dry. Thank you!
Ms E Watson
I am very happy with the ProPerla wall coating that was applied to my walls by a professional, efficient wall specialist team. It makes my house look neat and tidy and acts as a protector from any damp issues. A job well done!
Mr Benedict

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We hope you understand more about how the promotion works.   Find out by completing the form in under 30 seconds if you can benefit from the offer.  Our wallcoating specialist partner will contact you and give you further details about the promotion.

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